Renegade Games bring out the Firs​t Roll ‘n’ Cut Game.

Yes that is right, you read the title correctly.

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This is a game like no other, unless you count the EXIT games, but this is not an escape room. this is the first cut and paste a recreational park building game. It seems to be expanding on the roll ‘n’ write mechanic that has swamped the market of late. But it seems to swap out the pencils for scissors. that is right the will include 4 pairs of scissors within the game because instead of colouring squares you are cutting out pieces of paper and putting them on cards.

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This must be the first board game that includes a component that can harm someone. (ok, ok D4 dice are quite lethal too). But I do wonder if Renegade Games have thought hard about this concept?

Or do you think they are taking roll ‘n’ whatever to the next level?