102 DDP the OG Host returns, Tom is in the house

  Welcome to Devon Dice Podcast 102! Join hosts Joel, Lewis, Sam, and Nick as they are reunited by the original podcast host, Tom, who makes a triumphant return after four years away. The question on everyone’s mind: What has Tom been up to, and is he still immersed in the world of board gaming?… Read more »

DDP 82. Part 1 Games from Spiel Digital with Nick Shaw and more.

Joel is joined by Nick Shaw to talk about the board they have played, news, Kickstarters and what Nick like the look of from the Spiel Digital Event of this weekend.  Games played The classics, Pandemic, 2:30  TTR, 10:00 Sierra West, 11:40 Endeavor: Age of Sail, 17:00 Boardgamearena.com, 25:30 The Crew 25:55 Welcome to Las… Read more »

80. DDP with Guest Host Rory Muldoon – designer of Skora and Pier 18

Apologies for the lateness of this latest podcast, we have all been a little busy throughout the last few months, however, Joel and Sam are joined by Rory Muldoon artist and gamer designer of Skora from Inside the Box Board Games.  Joel Played: Forgotten Waters https://www.fwcrossroads.com/ https://remote.fwcrossroads.com/ Sam Played: Lanterns Dice Rory played: Skora, TinderBlox… Read more »

DDP 77. Lock down series, with guest host Justin Smith.

Joel is joined by one half of the Last save Loaded Podcast Justin Smith AKA @Onyersix to talk about board gaming in this climate. games they have played: Kanban, On Mars, Stop Thief!, Azul, Shards of infinity, Charterstone: Digital Edition, Kickstarter: Frosthaven  News: https://icv2.com/articles/columns/view/45542/world-according-griepp-distributor-cash-flow-101 What other things to do: Audible Disney+ Find the twitter @DevonDiceUK… Read more »

Ghosts of Christmas Games Present

This is a little different to the normal article which replaces the “On The Horizon” monthly post.
The guys have to pick a game they wanted to buy or play. got one on the shelf but never got around to playing. This could be a game in their pile of shame.

Ghosts of Christmas Games Past

In this post the DD guys are being asked to reflect on board games that haunt their past: this could be a game they have never owned, played or experience that changed them and they need to experience it again.

55. The First Devon Dice Disconnects Pub Quiz Featuring Fiona from The Game Shelf

Welcome to the first and maybe the last Disconnects Quiz on the Devon Dice Podcast. Hosted by Dr. Lewis Jones  @The_BreweryTour Contestants are Sam “The Man” Freeman @spoonofmilk the Godfather of Devon Dice Joel Wright @DevonDiceUK And Special Guest Fiona (The Game Shelf) Plus the Guys do have a little chat with Fiona about life and board gaming. Find the… Read more »

41. Devon Dice: Happy Essen After Podcast

Joel can now say, “been there, done that and bought a T-shirt from Essen!” and he was joined by two friends, and they remained friends, in their adventures through the halls of Spiel. Here is a 60 minute loaddown of what they got up too. Trust me when I say, they could have recorded for… Read more »