Ghosts of Christmas Games Present

This is a little different to the normal article which replaces the “On The Horizon”  monthly post.

It is the season of the Meeple, The special time of Cardboard, all the ways of rules not made Clear. 

But something has been bothering the guys at Devon Dice, they are being haunted by gaming ghosts of the past, present and future. And they are being asked to reflect on board games that are haunting them at this present time: this could be a game they have never owned, played or experience that changed them, 

A game a game you got this year or want to buy or just play. This could be a game in your pile shame that you really need to get around to playing sometime soon a game this year.

rules of this article.


Game: The 7th Continent

Why: The most expensive game I’ve ever bought – I missed out on the first Kickstarter or rather decided I couldn’t afford that AND whatever else I’d backed at the same time, so when the second campaign started up and the publishers said this was the last chance to ever get 7th Continent I jumped in feet first. Fast forward a couple of years, I’ve got two massive boxes sitting in the middle of my Kallax… untouched since the day they arrived. A great big, heavy albatross around my neck.

I intend to play it eventually, having decided I’d get it as my great big solo game experience (let’s face it, I can’t organise yet another legacy style campaign game with friends as it’ll take me even longer to get it played), but now and again the temptation is there to just liquidate the sucker, free up the space and put something else in that slot with the money!

Price: £ 59 classic Edition for retail no Kickstarter extras.

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Game: Quodd Heroes 

Why: This has been on my pile of shame a while now. I back it on Kickstarter in March 2017 and I expecting to arrive November that year but it is a Kickstarter and the first for the creator. I received only this year, as you can watch my unboxing of the package on the channel. And it is a big package, I enjoyed unpacking this massive box, but I haven’t had any chance to play this game yet. The main reason why it hasn’t hit the table yet is that I wanted to paint the mini’s first before playing and even that i have even crack out the paints yet.  So yet another game that is on my New Year’s Resolution to get this play this year and find out if this what I expected the game to be. 

Price: $100

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Game: InBetween

Why: I hesitated and missed it when it was first released. I regretted it because it’s thematically perfect for me (horror/Stranger Things). I was able to pick up a second-hand copy a few months ago but haven’t had the opportunity to play it yet. Two-player games usually get played between me and my son but this feels a little grown-up for him. Maybe I’ll just have to give him a scare over Xmas.

Price: £13.81

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Game: Agricola

Why: Agricola is one of my top 5 favourite games. One of the greatest and oldest of worker placement games. The date on my old copy of Agricola is 2008. In all of that time, I’ve played it three times. Favourite game, over a decade, only played three times. That is a tragedy that would have made Mother Theresa weep. Most of Dickens’ novels are not as sad as that fact. What game do I think of every Christmas season as tears of regret and sadness drip into my mulled wine? Agricola. What game would I most like to play at least once in the new year? Agricola.

Price: £44.79 – £85

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Game: Gloomhaven

Why: I bought Gloomhaven has a game to play with my wife. (She will only play co-op games with me..) We had recently finished the Mechs vs Minions campaign and were looking for a longer campaign game to keep us going over the next few months. We played the first few scenarios and were gelling well as a team and getting pretty powerful with some good combos… but it all just felt very samey… using a hand of cards to also feature as a timer/life meter was quite interesting… but I found the battling repetitive and lacking in any real tactics. I think the joy and popularity of this game come from the excellent storytelling, the game is a bit of an add-on bonus, as someone who personally has never been into RPGs I prefer things to be game first with a sprinkle of story/theme as the bonus. This game sits on my (very large and bowing) shelf staring at me waiting to be explored further: but I just need to muster the strength to get through the ridiculous set-up time!

Price: £96 on amazon…

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Thank you for reading this article, stay tuned for the next one which should out on the 30th December 2019.

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