27. Devon Dice Podcast: The Balancing Act: Assassins, Beasts, Children, Designers

Joel and Tom return to bring you episode 2 in the season 2 of the Devon Dice Podcast to you all the great board gaming content as normal. With the added value of an interview with Ryan Ilar from Wonderment Games and his game Quodd Heroes. 

What we have been playing:

Medici – 5:44 [SHOP]

Temp Worker Assassins – 9:00 

Ticket to Ride: Asia map – 12:10

Above and Below – 16:10 [SHOP]

Beast of Balance  – 22:40 [SHOP]


  1. Dice forge coming from  Asmodee coming middle of 2017. 
  2. Steve bonacore from stonghold games has announced Hellas and Elysium, the first expansion to Terraforming Mars.
  3. Peta demands that there is no fur trade in Warhammer 40,000 
  4. Ingenious is no longer ingenious – Pegasus Speile has announced Axio
  5. Days of wonder announced a new expansion Quadropolus: Pubic Services


  1. SuperHot – 42:50
  2. Heros and land, air and Sea – 46:45
  3. Mined Out! The Pocket-Sized Mining Game – 
  4. Quaad Hero; Interview Ryan Ilar – 57:10

Bonus Content:

Joel tell us about his trip to Paw 2017


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