3. Unhinged Podcast Theme Parks, Star Trek, Essen and Down Force


Joel and Lewis are back for anther episode of the unhinged, Joel has man flu and Lewis is tried so this will make for the best episode ever…

First up is all about riding the rides at Theme Parks, building Kallex shelving before moving on to TV and Movies. The big talking points are Star Trek: Discovery, Wonder Women, comerdy On Netflex.

Lewis asks Joel what is on his “to buy list” when he goes to Essen trade fair at the end of the month. Moving into discusion on what games they played: Rhino Hero: Super Battles, Whistle Stop and have a depth look into¬†Down Force, the new reprinted racing game from Restoration Games.

At the very end there is a little discusions about video games they were playing.

Thank you for Listening and tune in for the end of month for the next unhinged episode.


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