30. Devon Dice podcast: Not Too Busy To Play Games

Joel and Sam return this week to bring you another Devon Dice Podcast episode after a few long weeks of working. 


What we have been playing:

Joel: Plague Inc,

Blood of an Englishman

Sam: TIME Stories: Under The Mask and Expedition: Endurance,


New York Slice


  1. Eric Lang hired by CMON to be their Director of Game Design.
  2. Gloomhaven second printing up for pre-order for very short period of time – get your from Meeples’ Corner. Ends the 6th April
  3. Flip Ships, A New Cooperative Space Dexterity Game

  4. IDW Games And Atari Team Up To Bring Classic Videogames To Tabletop

  5. NorthStar Games starts development of Evolution: Oceans

  6. Hasbro Announces New Monopoly Tokens


  1. The Pursuit of Happiness – Community

  2. POWERSHIPS (a future race through our solar system)

  3. The Kirton Gaming Loft

  4. Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game


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