31. Devon Dice Podcast, 90% Meeples’ Corner Brown Nosing, 10% other

Joel and Sam give us an Easter special podcast, why’s its special – only because it was the day they recorded it on. Episode 31 also will feel like an express episode as they try and record less time then normal and get back their wifes before they notice they are gone.

Joel talks about Car-booting and playing Rimworld on steam, there also Might be a new number 1 fan for the podcast.

They follow up talk about the Meeples’ corner’s games day and all the games they played

Game – Century The spice road.

Meeple corner top 5 sells and preorders

Great news: Meeples’ Corner is an official PremiumShop for Pegasus Spiele.


Game – Frogriders.

UKGE hall layout

Peak oil

Rise to nobility

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