40. Devon Dice Podcast The top 6 games we want from Essen Spiel 2017

Top 6 games of Essen

Joel and Sam list their top 6 games they would pick up at Essen this year and invited special guest, Oliver Brooks, along to add his comments on their picks. Oliver is a new board game designer and has his first game coming out at Essen, Dance of the Fireflies from Backspindle Games Ltd. Essen preorder here.

They discuss topics of the week,

The rising cost of 7th Continent 

Tom Vasel’s (Dice Tower) rant at LGSs Local Gaming Stores.

Getting rules wrong

Moving to their top 6 games, which I won’t spoil here, you will have to listen to find out. But you can pop along to Meeples’ Corner to the preorder page because Chris has most the games discussed, listed and  ready for you to purchase, to delivered, once they arrive in the shop.

Thank you the contributors for their top 6 games, it helped make a really good show and we also had a question of the week from Jon. 

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