60. DDP TableTop Game Live, Pandemic Fall of Rome, Keyforge, Monumental

Joel and Lewis gather around the mics to you least in high from the board gaming world with return unscathed from his trip to London, he can tell us all about the Tabletop Gaming Live show held in the Alexandria Palace.

Joel Played; Pandemic: Fall of Rome, Thunderstone Quest, Keyforge, Monumental,  Gingerbread House, Reef and much more…

Lewis Played; Bristol trip: Locked in a room + Chance and Counters



Diceforge new expansion Rebellion

Alexandra Pfister has a new game coming out Hong Kong Blackout.

Men at work


Hard City

LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL] Board Game (2nd Edition)

The Stygian Society – A Kevin Wilson Cube Tower Adventure

Topic: Our top 3 games that that we don’t own, not including games on preorder, to be delivered through Kickstarter or owned, but got rid of.

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