64. DDP Lots of Board Games Again: Architects of the West Kingdom, Clank In Space, Die hard

Joel and Lewis have found a window in their busy lives to sit down and record and podcast for you, the dear listeners, I hope you enjoy it. 

Joel Played; WingspanArchitects of the West Kingdom

Lewis Played: Clank! in Space!, Lord of the Die-angler, 7 Wonder Duel


Dune Reprint:

Fireball Island new expansion Spider Springs 

Funforge Announces the sequel to Tokaido, Namiji

Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game


Terror Below

Alone™: 2nd Print Run with New Contents and Localizations

Chocolate Factory – For 1-4 chocolatiers!

Tiny Epic Tactics – Featuring a 3D Environment

The Pursuit of Happiness – Experiences

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