DDP 82. Part 1 Games from Spiel Digital with Nick Shaw and more.

Joel is joined by Nick Shaw to talk about the board they have played, news, Kickstarters and what Nick like the look of from the Spiel Digital Event of this weekend. 

Games played

The classics, Pandemic, 2:30 

TTR, 10:00

Sierra West, 11:40

Endeavor: Age of Sail, 17:00

Boardgamearena.com, 25:30

  • The Crew 25:55
  • Welcome to Las Vegas 30:20
  • Luxor
  • Tobago
  • Russian Railways 34:10
  • Games in the future for the platform. 
  • News

Descent: Legends of the Dark 3rd edition 

Hero Quest Reprint48:00


Kabuto Sumo  1:59:30

Crash Octopus  1:06:00

Spiel Digital 1:10:00

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