DDP. 82 part 2 continuing the look at games from Spiel Digital 2020

This is part 2 of episode 82 where Joel is joined by Sam and they discuss more games from Spiel Digital plus more Kickstarter and game they are playing. 

Games played


  • Sam, Boardgamearena.com 5:30
  • Can’t Stop, 7 Wonders, 7 wonders Duel, Alhambra,
  • Downforce 7:10
  • Rage 9:00
  • Altha games,  10:00:  Bonanza, magic maze, Dice Forge rebellion exp, martian Dice, Solar Storm, Via Magica, Dungeon Pets,  Dinosaur Tea party,  
  • Arena Mode 15:20
  • Joel: Rococo: Deluxe Edition 2 player 19:55
  • Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 prologue 25:30

 News 26:40

Rambling content

The Works find Sabordage, Castles of Caladale

Sam’s new games: Herd Mentality, Blockbuster, Top of the Pops, Weird Things Humans Search for…


Spiel Digital platform 1:05:00

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