DDP 84 The Return Of the Kallax, Descent Legends of the Dark, Distilled

It has been a long few months since the last podcast, 8 in fact, but Joel, Dr. Lewis, Sam, and Nick have all found a gap in their busy schedules and recorded a podcast for you all to enjoy. 

Game played:

Joel Played: Descent Legends of the Dark (Zombie Teenz evolution and Dune Imperium) 

Unboxing Video of Descent – https://youtu.be/WxGIqM-nNFM

Nick Played: Distilled, (and Red Cathedral / SuperSkill Pinball 4-Cade / Castles of Tuscany)

Lewis Played: Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time and or Catapult Kingdoms

Sam Played: The One Hundred Torii,


Asmodee to buy BGA, 00:56:06

Spiel des Jahres, – 00:59:00

MicroMacro (SdJ), Dragomino, (KinderSdJ), Paleo, (KennerSdJ)

(Runners up: SdJ: Adventures of Robin Hood; Zombie Teenz Evolution. Kenner Sdj: Lost Ruins of Arnak; Fantasy Realms)

UKGE – 1:03:09

TMG declares virtual bankruptcy – 01:18:33

Cost of shipping and lack of resources 

Broken Token company is broken – 01:29:14 https://medium.com/@ashrtaylor13/speaking-up-to-protect-others-73f152bcb772

Things that really grind my gears 1:34:30

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition: The price (and unknown components) of the international release – Nick
(see Shelf Stories (Jason Perez): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDVR4N0zaII)


Excavation Earth: It Belongs In A Museum, 1:52:20

One More Quest, 1:54:14

Eleven: Football Manager Board Game,  Gamefound  1:57:00

Flame Craft, 1:59:47

LAX RAX | The board game shelf insert for IKEA Kallax, 2:04:24


What we have backed lately on Kickstarter or Gamefound: 2:12:16


Soul Raiders ⚔️,     Read Joel preview here 1st Impressions of Soul Raiders from One For All by Joel wright,

Spintronics: Build mechanical circuits,

The Witcher: Old World,

Escape Advent Calendar,

Eternal Palace – a dice placement and painting euro game,

Mythic Mischief – new game by Nick (solo mode)


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