Devon Dice monthly Vlog 2021.4 painting Month Audio Only

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Joel brings you another roundup of what he has been doing in the month of April, board gaming-wise.

What Joel has been playing 1:05

what is on Joel’s games shelf part 3 10:30

Top 5 games Joel has played on BGA 30:30

Kickstarters: 41:36

Marvel United X-Men: 42:38

Canvas: Reflections 54:00

Escape advent calendar 55:00

After the Empire on Gamefound 1:01:46—deluxe-version-reprint#/section/project-story

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We are passionate about Board games and card games and love to play the new and the old (mainly the new) and then talk about them. We have a podcast which you can find on most podcast hosting sites and we support and are supported back by Meeples’ Corner; an online board gaming shop based in Devon. Find more content on the website

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