19. Devon Dice Dreaming to Essen trip 2016, Top 10 wants to Buys


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Devon Dice the podcast brings you episode 19 , with Joel and Tom talking about their planned trip to Spiel, Essen this year, if they were going to that is. But they are not, sadly. But Joel, Tom and Sam have put together their list before the show (while others did theirs while recording) of what they  would want to see, feel and maybe buy if they were going.

Plus Tom talks about his trip to Las Vagas and about all the money he won out there,


18:12 – Junk art – first impression review  (BUY)


Riot Games new board game – Mech vs Minions – 36:15


45:40 Pathogenesis 2-4 players 30-60 minute to play you have until 28th october and cost you $39 to ship to the UK about £30

Essen list

  •  Number 10

Sam: Toire o Yogoshita Nowa Dareda social deduction game of finding out who didn’t flush the bog 57:20

Tom: HMS Dolores design by Bruno Faidutti, Eric M. Lang that is all you need to know 58:37

Joel: Expansions; Pitchcar ex 6 no limits, Mystic vale expansion, Adventureland ex, 7 wonders duel pantheon, 59:15

  •  Number 9

Sam; Chariot Race – Matt Leacock dice chucking racing game with take-that elements, 1:02:37

Tom: La Granja: The Dice Game – No Siesta! Plus the card game 1:03:06

Joel: Flamme Rouge The last stages of a bike race, 1:04:14

  •  Number 8

Sam: Kanagawa – Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevalier (Abyss team) with a gorgeous looking game from Iello 1:04:54

Tom: Clown Standoff 1:05:41

Joel: Bobble pop Just  like the Bubble Bubble video game from the 90’s, 1:05:54

  •  Number 7

sam: Mask of ANUBIS – Japanese game with app integration and funky mask phone holder, 1:06:35

Tom: Jórvík because it’s Stefen Feld 1:06:52

Joel: Kilt Castle more area control but with tower building in it. 1:07:40

  •  Number 6

Sam: TIME Stories: Expedition: Endurance – two colons, extra value! Hopefully The Thing, basically. Always up for more Time Stories. 1:08:21

Tom: 9 Worlds, 1:09:07

Joel: Dream home  I brought it up before in a podcast so I shouldn’t not, 1:09:36

  •  Number 5

Sam: Chromosome – tile laying, asymmetric player powers, sci-fi theme? 1:10:05

Tom: Mighty Monsters 1:10:43

Joel: Kill the unicorns I just love the name and it also has pigicorns in it. 1:11:43

  •  Number 4

Sam: Avenue – Karuba with pen and paper 1:12:50

Tom: Barcelona: The Rose of Fire  maybe Tom’s city building game he been waiting for, 1:14:19

Joel: Inis Deck building, area control game can’t wait, 1:15:15

  •  Number 3

Sam: Beer Empire – a slightly more fun looking beer brewing game than Brew Crafters ended up being, 1:16:28

Tom: Overseers  1:17:18

Joel: Ferali a table which crosses the boundaries of croconal and snooker, 9 different variants 1:18:28

  •  Number 2

Sam: Colony – dice and tableau building with a sci-fi veneer 1:20:12

Tom: Colony – cheat!

Joel: Banana bandits 3D tower where your moneys are climbing up, FUN, 1:22:05

  •  Number 1

Sam: Peak Oil (admittedly only on demo before Kickstarter next year) 1:23:06

Tom: Fields of Green 1:24:22

Joel: Meeple war area control, map building, arm building game, good reviews from the Dice Tower guys already, 1:25:10

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