128 Devon Dice Podcast News-a-Palooza Show – Free the Meeples

Welcome to News-a-palooza: Free the Meeple! I’m Joel, your host, and today we’re diving into a whirlwind of board gaming news and exciting updates. Joining me is Nick, our podcast’s very own board game designer.

127 UK Games Expo ’24 Preview show Devon Dice Podcast

Joel, Nick and Sam list the Games they are excited to see at the UKGE in the NEC, Birmingham. And Lewis is here too to mock Sam about his Windmill games. but first off they take a look at the winners of the BoardGameGeek Awards 2023. Enjoy the show!

126 Devon Dice Podcast, May board game News Show

New Devon Dice Podcast from hosts Joel and Nick with sad news, controversial news, and outstanding news, plus Crowdfunding projects, played games, and a little rant from Joel.

125 Devon Dice Podcast Top 5 new Games on Board Game Arena

This is Episode 125 of the Devon Dice Podcast. In this podcast, we run down our top 5 new-to-us games on BGA! Joining Joel and Nick as they run through their top 5 games new to them that they played on Boardgame Arena first. Oh and they also read out Sams too. 

124 Devon Dice Podcast News Show April

Welcome to Episode 124 of our podcast, where we wrap up the latest board gaming news and delve into exciting crowdfunding projects! Joel and Nick are here to keep the gaming banter going strong bringing the latest news, crowdfunders, and what games they have been playing to the show.

123 Devon Dice Podcast Topic Tapas #2

Introducing our latest episode: Board gaming Topic Tapas #2! Join hosts Joel, Nick, and Sam as they dive into the world of gaming, sharing their recent adventures with titles like “The Fox Experiment,” “Dale of Merchants,” and “Let’s Go To Japan

122 Devon Dice Podcast March News and Boardgames

In this episode, Joel, Nick, and Sam deliver a comprehensive roundup of the latest news and crowdfunding campaigns in the world of board gaming. Quick News Highlights: Joel surprises listeners with a 24-hour marathon live-hosting session! Asmodee announces the closure of Ticket To Ride online play for the app. Renegade Game Studios hosts live-stream event announcements including the… Read more »

121 Devon Dice Podcast A Board Game Topic Tapas #1

Episode 121,  Welcome to another flavorful episode of “Topic Tapas™®©”! Hosted by Joel, this podcast serves up bite-sized discussions on a variety of topics, joined by guests Sam and Nick. 01:09 1.  South West gaming events comparisons: the team try delve into the vibrant gaming scene of the Southwest, comparing notable events like the Fox and Hounds Devon Weekender, the Torbay Weekender, and the adrenaline-pumping 24-hour marathons, Gridcon and Baycon, plus not forgetting Devon Dice Con.  03:40 2. Disappointments in Components Joel laments on his disappointments in content-filled boxes, like the Axon Protocol’s separate English and German card decks. 10:14 3. The Holt Inquisitor! As the conversation unfolds, the trio discusses the potential stagnation in the gaming market, questioning whether the industry risks becoming saturated with rehashed concepts instead of evolving. Nick and Sam express concerns about the proliferation of overly complex games and amalgamated mechanics. 30:31 4. Non-Gaming Things We’re Currently IntoBut it’s not all about gaming; the hosts share their current non-gaming interests, with Nick diving into “The Artful Dodger” on Disney+, Sam immersing himself in “Dune: Part Two” and the “Shogun” TV show, and Joel eagerly reviews a slew of movies like “Rebel Moon,” “Morbius,” “Ghostbusters: Afterlife,” “Uncharted,” and new TV series “Silo.” Tune in for a delectable spread of topics, from gaming adventures to pop culture delights, on this episode of “Topic Tapas™®©”! links for the shows. Nick: The Artful Dodger on Disney+ Sam:  Dune: Part Two Shogun – finished the book, now onto TV show Murderbot – reading book 6 of 8 – coming to Apple TV in the nearish future Joel: Rebel Moon Morbius Ghostbusters: Afterlife Uncharted Silo Ways you can engage or contact the show Here is the link to our discord channel Devon Dice https://discord.gg/ma7Z4Jvv2z Find us on all the socials: @DevonDiceUK, Facebook page, BGG Guild On X / Twitter: @DepressedMonk3y @The_BreweryTour @meeplescorner @njshaw2   On Bluesky: njshaw2.bsky.social, devondice.bsky.social On the web: www.devondice.co.uk

120 Devon Dice Board Game News Show

Episode 120  News Gamefound has wooed CMON to join them Prospero Hall folks create new company, Tempest Workshop, after layoffs from Funko Flash Point Fire Rescue to make a return in the form of a Legacy Game: Flash Point: Legacy of Flame – on KS on 12th March Wandering Galaxy: A Crossroads Game –  https://www.plaidhatgames.com/news/2024/02/13/announcing-wandering-galaxy-a-crossroads-game/  The Search for UAPs  Awaken Realms announce new 2024 release plans: A reprint of Castles of Burgundy Special Edition (Q2), a new Puerto Rico Special Edition (Q3), and more. AR is already in trouble for apparently using AI art in the Puerto Rico marketing artwork. Sam says something controversial about not liking Marvel. Ziggurat – A new legacy game from Rob Daveau and Matt Leacock Crowdfunding Expedition: North West Passage – HMS Terror Edition Thunder Road: Vendetta – Carnival of Chaos Cascadia: Rolling Hills & Rolling Rivers Marvel Multiverse RPG – Deluxe Starter Set by CMON FLOE Ascending Empires: Zenith Edition Played Games Joel Coffee Rush again St Petersburg (on BGA) Nick  Bloodstones

119 The Devon Board Game Weekender, Fox and Hound Hotel

Welcome to the latest episode of our Eggesford Adventures! In this podcast, Joel and the team will take you on a journey through the thrilling adventure of their recent trip to Devon Board Game Weekender hosted by The Fox and Hounds Country Hotel. Joining Joel on this exciting adventure are Claire, Nick, and Lewis. In Episode 119, the team kicks things off with some exciting Convention News, highlighting the North Devon Games Weekender held at The Fox and Hounds. They delve into details about the accommodations, delicious food, pet-friendly policies, and ample gaming space provided by the hotel. Special mention goes to Meeples Corner Shop and the Games Library, and the hotel ower Matt and Tom the general manager, for their hard work and contributions to the event’s success. Throughout the episode, Joel and his companions recount their experiences each day of the event. From Friday’s gaming lineup featuring Disney Lorcana, Wyrmspan, and Coffee Rush to Saturday’s intense sessions of Heat + Heavy Rain and Age of Wonders: Planetfall, the team shares their favorite games and memorable moments. Despite the challenges posed by the weather, Sunday sees the group enjoying classics like Brass: Lancashire and Clank! Catacombs, capping off the weekend with excitement and camaraderie. Disney Lorcana  Wyrmspan Wandering Towers Coffee Rush  In the Hall of the Mountain King Heat + Heavy Rain Age of Wonders: Planetfall Cosmoctopus Among Cultists Brass: Lancashire Framework Planet Unknown  Flamecraft Peak Oil: Profiteer Rococo Imperial Miners Anachrony Triqueta 5 Towers Space Base Clank! Catacombs