22 Devon Dice podcast Another VAST episode controlled by Turtles and Mechs


Joel and Tom host episode 22 of the Devon Dice Podcast with a long list of games they want to talk about, some news and topic brought to us by Tom.

What they have been playing:

Joel and Tom: Flamme rouge, Vast, mech vs minions

Pandemic,  Robot turtles

First impressions: Cottage garden faceoff with feast of odin


  1. Hasbro unveils new edition of Acquire
  2. River Dragons get super sized!
  3. Scythe universe gets a video game version Iron harvest 1920+
  4. Room 25 turn Ultimate
  5. Space Goat Productions has announced that it will kickstart The Terminator: The Official Board Game in 2017


No kickstarters


Blood bowl  – lifestyle games

Bonus content

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