A New Year Begins here…

So that is the end of 2016 and now starts the 2017 and there is a lot of hopes and dreams on the horizon for everyone.

I, Joel, is seeing in the new year painting minis for DOOM the board game and I was editing the top 5 podcast, but I lost the edit, 15 minutes before midnight, so that wouldn’t be happing for a couple days now.

For me, I am looking to start my new job as a lecturer and progressing further in the police recruitment assessment. Plus getting on top of the reviews I still to do.

Lewis wants to finish off painting his miniatures for his games, do more sports to lose weight, like Golf (I don’t see how you lose weight playing golf) and do more running.

Sam; all he hopes for is to complete the Rock solid Race in a good time. But he offered to help Lewis find balls in the Rough and play around with him… at golf.

I have not heard from Tom, as his wife gave birth to Niamh Elizabeth Westrope on the 21st December 0017h. So we wish Tom, his family and the new little one all the best and happiness for 2017 and the future.

As for Devon Dice, there is more to come. For a start there is still the Top 5 games episode to come, then we start season 2 of the podcast, much of the same happy, easy listening, content and maybe a couple of changes, but we will have to see.

I hoping to get more content on the blog like I said, I have a lot of game reviews to complete and I want to do more videos, and that all I can say for now.

From everyone at Devon Dice Podcast and Blog, we hope you had a happy Christmas (because I didn’t say it before) and lets all have a super new year, were our hopes and dreams come true in 2017.

Happy New Year…