To Back or not to Back: Crowdfunding Recap 3

It’s another wrap-up of the variety of crowdfunding projects we’ve found from around the web this week!

New Projects

Theme Park Mania

An amusement-park-building game for 2-4 players.  Connect your rides and facilities, but when the park opens is when the competition actually starts.

It looks cute, and very reminiscent of the old Theme Park Tycoon / Rollercoaster Tycoon video games.

Kickstarter link (ends 20th October 2023)

Cascadero & Cascatido

Knizia is back! Again! Trigger cascading combos and compete to reunite the land in these two related games. With artwork from Ian O’Toole, and classic Reiner Knizia design wizardy, this promises to be an interesting mix of gaming goodness.

Cascadero is a “tile”-laying game, where you place envoys onto a hex grid to control areas, and promises streamlined play and combo-tastic effects.

Cascatido is a smaller roll & write adaption of Cascadero, with 4 unique sheets with different maps, tracks, achievements, strategies, landmarks, and bonuses.

Kickstarter link (ends 3rd November 2023)

Boardgame Adjacent

Board Butler

Do you suffer from boardgame board warping or multi-fold boards just not lying flat? Would you like to flatten your boards and keep the joins seamlessly hidden? Look no further! Board Butler provides clips that hold the board’s segments securely together. The accessory you never knew you needed. Check it out!

Kickstarter link (ends 28th October 2023)

Spielbox Magazine 2024

Anyone who’s into the boardgame hobby has probably heard of the magazine spielbox. It has published a magazine covering the new, the old, and the everything in boardgaming, every month, for many years. This new kickstarter is to create an English version of the magazine (which has always previously been available, but quite costly to ship), with various options for subscriptions, one-offs, etc. Worth checking out if you like your reviews to come in written (and printed) form!

Kickstarter link (ends 12th November 2023)

Coming Soon

SOURCE & TimeStrike

SOURCE / TimeStrike components

From Adventure Together Games: Using SOURCE’s modular system, TimeStrike offers a Boss Battle Royale for 2-∞ players. Leave your world behind in this build-and-battle sci-fantasy adventure as you make your mark across a modular and destructible landscape!

Kickstarter link (launch date TBC)

Megan Gaming Table – New Accessories

Geeknson are planning on running a new crowdfunding campaign to add extra content to their Megan gaming table (which was successfully kickstarted last year). Keep your eyes peeled for more news of this new crowdfunding campaign as and when we know more!