Exploring Kickstarter’s Diverse Offerings: A Weekly Recap 2

In the bustling realm of crowdfunding, a plethora of captivating projects are reaching their climaxes while fresh endeavours are making impressive debuts. This week, our attention is riveted by a tapestry of inventive ventures that have struck a chord with backers and gamers alike.

First let’s Catch up on projects just finished

Ascendancy: Crafting an Epic Fantasy Saga Through 4X and Worker Placement.

In the captivating world of tabletop gaming, a shining star has emerged – Ascendancy. It’s a splendid amalgamation of the 4X fantasy genre’s grandeur and the strategic finesse that characterises worker placement mechanics. While it narrowly missed the ambitious $500,000 final funding goal by a mere £20,000+, it remains a remarkable achievement for its creator, Matthew Meeple. If you happened to miss the initial campaign, fear not, for late pledges are still available to seize the opportunity.

Kickstarter Page Link – http://kck.st/3QvV5Yx

Bear Mountain Camping Adventure: A Triumph of Nature and Strategy

SweaterBear Games makes an impressive debut with Bear Mountain Camping Adventure: A Race To The Top, a deck-building camping game that has garnered tremendous support. Another first-time creator, they soared past the $700,000 mark, although the coveted $1 million production wasn’t quite reached. Currently, there’s no late pledge option, but we’ll keep you posted in case it opens up again.
Kickstarter Page Linkhttp://kck.st/3rQ1bZE

Nostalgic Delight: Worms™ Invades the Tabletop

The enduring appeal of Worms™ The Board Game continues to shine, with a recent surge in funding that outpaced the final total of the Call of Duty Board Game. While we dissected the Venn diagram of board gamers versus COD gamers on our podcast, it’s evident that this project possesses substantial crossover potential. I even shared the Kickstarter page with Claire (my wife), who usually gives me a disapproving look regarding my gaming habits. To my surprise, she expressed excitement, deeming it a fantastic addition to our game nights. Kudos to Manic Games for a well-orchestrated campaign, driven by daily unlocks and responsive actions to backers’ requests. Additional goodies like extra tiles and worm miniatures for painting enthusiasts and an upcoming app with sound effects and iconic one-liners further enhance the experience. This campaign is undoubtedly one of the best-run ones I’ve seen in a while.
Update 10 Kickstarter Link- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/manticgames/worms-the-board-game/posts/3903294 
Kickstarter link – http://kck.st/45M9V1A

New Projects

Railways of the Lost Atlas

An endlessly replayable railroad strategy game.

While I haven’t delved into an 18XX train game yet, Railways of the Lost Atlas seems like a challenging endeavour with a playtime ranging from 1 to 5 hours and a modular playing board. It may be best suited for those already familiar with the intricacies of 18XX systems. If you’re intrigued, you can explore the project by Asterisk Games on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter link – http://kck.st/45Dt1r0

Wilderfeast – A Unique RPG of Monster Hunting and Culinary Exploration

RPGs typically don’t take the spotlight here, but Wilderfeast has piqued my interest. Players assume the role of “The Wilders,” embarking on a journey that involves hunting, cooking, and consuming monsters, all while gaining mutations. Character development takes intriguing twists and turns. If I had an RPG group, I’d jump at the chance to try it. Starting at €22, you can secure a PDF copy of the book, while €50 gets you the physical edition, and €115 unlocks the collector’s edition with abundant extras. The project has far exceeded its funding goal, and I recommend checking it out.
Kickstarter Link – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/horribleguild/wilderfeast

More Terraforming Mars: Expanding a Beloved Game

Terraforming Mars enthusiasts have a new reason to celebrate with “More Terraforming Mars!” While it’s not my cup of tea, Nick, one of our podcast members, is a backer and a fervent fan of the game. With over £700,000 earned and unwavering support from the community, it’s clear that this IP still has plenty of life left in it.
Kickstarter Link – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strongholdgames/more-terraforming-mars

Rollacrit’s Messenger Bag of Holding: The Ultimate Questing Companion

A good bag is a treasure, and Rollacrit brings forth the “Messenger Bag of Holding 2” to serve all your accessory-carrying needs. They’ve improved upon the original design, making it even more practical and stylish. While the price gives me pause, the look and functionality of this bag are undeniably appealing.
Kickstarter Link – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rollacrit/rollacrit-messenger-bag-of-holding/description

Exclusive Limited Edition HEAT T-Shirts: Gaming Apparel Worth the Investment?

While I’m no stranger to backing apparel Kickstarters and have enjoyed some great t-shirts in the past, the “Exclusive Limited Edition HEAT T-Shirts” at £40 per shirt feel like a bit of a stretch. While I do like HEAT: Petal to the Metal, it’s challenging to justify the cost when it could easily secure another game or expansion in the future.

Kickstarter Link – http://kck.st/47YFIOM

In the diverse landscape of Kickstarter projects, there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of gaming, unique RPG experiences, stylish accessories, or exclusive merchandise, this week’s offerings cover a wide spectrum of interests and passions.
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