Joel Created Player Aid Sheets for Remote Playing with Plaid Hat Game’s Forgotten Waters

Have you Played Forgotten Waters Remotely and struggle to find the right tokens or remember all the rules to them. Joel has you covered.

I have been playing Forgotten Water quite regularly with my good wife “Claire”, and good friends Nick, Sarah and grumpy old Lewis. And we have been having to play it over the inter-web. And we are loving it. In these trying times, the fact I can still play a physical board game with my friends online, it is still giving us that feeling of playing a board game altogether but not having to be around the gaming table. However, I was noticing that if you don’t own the game can be tricky for some. One factor is finding a D12 die or two is bone hard at the best of times in games and I would myself struggle even with my collection to find a normal D12.

Check your collection, what games provide a 12 sided die with pips or numbers on?

But you also need to gather together 3 types of tokens to use as rerolls, misfortune and constellation events, is not that tough, however, you do have to remind yourself what each one stood for. not only that you will have to remind other players how the token work and when. this is where a reference card or sheet would always come in handy, so I wondered if anyone has made a player aid sheet and put it on the Geek ( and there are a one or two but they are basic and not really any good at aiding rules.

So me being me, decide to spend many hours of my life, that I don’t have a spare, and create one that had many tokens on, enabling players to circle them when gained and cross out when used, listing the basic rules: when, who and what the tokens do. so no more digging up poxiey tokens and forgetting how the work misfortune tokens. I then thought about another issue I noticed when playing with the wife, she would forget about her bonus modifiers on cards that might have helped her skill check test because these are on the remote play app and you would have to keep clicking on the cards to reference any modifiers. I also noticed that Nic and Sarah were keeping notes on their character sheets, so I created a table for players to write down their mods without referencing to their card every time.

I was always planning to have a note section at the bottom, but again me being me and the addict I am of making stuff to the best it can be, I added in pirate pal cards…


In the game, you might gain a pet and there 6 of them each have the same text on but different modifiers on each and when someone gains a pet you have to show them on the camera or vocally explain each one can be tiring so I added in all 6 pet cards and what they provide. so when a player can gain a pet they can see what each one is available or not because lets face it who doesn’t want to own and Mopey Monkey or a Pale Platypus.

I have designed it on A4 sheet and the best thing is you laminate it once and reuse again and again.

You might be best off downloading it from Board game Geek web site as there will be always be the up date versions added there

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Disclaimer from plaid Hat games i have permission to use the logos and images for this sheet.