Transmission will resume, soon!

Hey Everyone,

You might have been thinking, “what’s happen to my dose of the Devon Dice Podcast? These not been a podcast or post on the blog for a while now!” Well fear not, we are still about and have not split up like a 90’s boy band without saying a word. We all have been truly very busy with our real lives. It’s been about one month since our last podcast and there was a review put up on the site from our very own Doctor Lewis taking a look at Flick em Up: Dead of Winter and… that’s about it.

I can’t believe how busy I have been in the month, as well as the everyday life stuff throws at you, as well the big spanners, kids can add into the mix. The wife demanded that I finish refurbishing the bathroom that I started 6 years ago. I also applied for a new job (full time, closer to home and still in the teaching) and got it. Then there was my wife’s birthday and when I wasn’t installing a toilet kicking the kids around and have still been able to go out and game. However, when I was home, I have just wanted to sit down with “the Mrs” and catch up on our backlog of TV shows. We have just finished binge-watching Black Sails (Great series), the second season of Stanger Things (also very good) and now started The Gifted, and as a bonus, we were able to seek off and see Thor: Ragnarok (Awesome Film).

So, overall it has felt like the Month has flown by and the guilt has now set in.

Fear not, we are planning a return and there is more stuff in the pipeline, planning for the next podcast has been begun, out early this month. Then, because it is Chrismas soon, I hope to do our annual festive show where we get drunk and talk like we are in the pub and another one around the new year of our favourite games of 2017. The good news keeps flowing; I have had to renew the hosting for Devon Dice website and with big thanks to Sam, for pointing me into the direction of a cheap but good hosting site, and then transferring it all over. I have renewed the life of your favourite podcast and board game review website for another 3 years. So, I won’t be going anywhere very soon and finger crossed the other co-hosts will hang around: Sam, Grumpy Lewis, Doc Lewis and maybe Tom (I don’t know where he is at, with board gaming, Let alone podcasting).

I have a list as long as a German Sausage, of game reviews I need to get done. Start off with some from Meeples’ Corner and then I want to do quick ones of the game I brought back from The Essen Show. Hopefully, Sam will let us have a peek on another shelf of games in his spare bedroom. And much more.

So, stay tuned.