108 DDP Return From Essen, Passports and All.

We had some technical issues with the first version podcast, after we released it the other day, big thank to the listener who stopped it. I had to take the old one down and redone it again. I hope this one works, now. Welcome to a new episode of the Devon Dice Podcast. Recorded, a… Read more »

DDP special Top 10 Anticipated Game of Essen 2023

Welcome to a special edition of the Devon Dice Podcast! In this episode, Joel, Sam, and Nick share their Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of Essen 2023. While they may not be attending the Essen Spiel trade fair in person, their excitement for these upcoming board games is through the roof! Tune in as they… Read more »

DDP 88. The Essen 2022 preview special and it’s a BIG ONE

Welcome back to a special podcast, which has all the usual podcast banter and the added extra of the games the podcast crew would want to buy at the Essen Spiel show 2022. Please, find links and list of the games talked about below and don’t forget to join our discord page and continue the… Read more »

61. DDP Post Essen Show 2018 Black Out: Hong Kong, Mutants, Monumental

With Spiel 2018 show over with for another year, Joel and Lewis reflect on their trip last year and review the games they brought back (well, Joel will tell us about the games he brought back). 2017: Meeple Circus,  Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature,  My Story,  Charterstone,  Pinball Showdown,  Boom, Bang, Gold, Sticky Chameleons,… Read more »

41. Devon Dice: Happy Essen After Podcast

Joel can now say, “been there, done that and bought a T-shirt from Essen!” and he was joined by two friends, and they remained friends, in their adventures through the halls of Spiel. Here is a 60 minute loaddown of what they got up too. Trust me when I say, they could have recorded for… Read more »

The Ever growing Games to pick up From Essen 2017

I am drowning… in new anticipated board games… By now, you most of heard Sam and mine’s top 6 games we want to get from Speil 2017, if you haven’t, then go here and listen then come back. Back? Good I will continue! Well, after recording the show, I made the mistake of watching other top (add… Read more »