New Details Released for Clank! Legacy

Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated news update:

Reneagde has released more information about the highly anticapted new Clank! Legacy Game with a few pictures that reveal lots of tit bits what will be inside this big box of goodness.

The first thing is the box looks bigger than normal, instead of the square shape it is now a rectangle shapes, almost like what we called the old FFG big box games “coffin boxes”.

You can see there are a lot of sealed envelopes and closed boxes as you normally get in a legacy game as well a sticker sheet is listed. And if you look closely at the picture you can also see there are miniatures for the characters and the dragon. Plus, the board they are standing on looks little incomplete, missing rooms and locations! you notice that the board does not depict an underground cave system as normal but an open land that has a few spaces to move into but there are paths with dead-ends, this lends to my wish that you will create your own board over time (10+ games I might add), and in the end it will be your very own Clank! Game that you constructed with your friends and beable to play again and again.

Along with the big stack of cards, they are showing off a few of them and the first one I noticed is the event card that is green and I can only assume they are shuffled into the dungeon deck to activate when drawn out. Also, there is a card which has a blank name space “the helpful NPC” and blank spaces in the text box which I assume again you will fill in when it is purchased the card for the first time.

At the minute, there seem to be no components that need to be destroyed when asked in the game. There are stickers and writing on the cards to alter the game permanently, but no interaction to say “tear up this card after this happens”. which will please some gamers and the others will just tear up stuff because it is no longer needed…

That will be me…

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