124 Devon Dice Podcast News Show April

Devon Dice Presents
124 Devon Dice Podcast News Show April

Welcome to Episode 124 of our podcast, where we wrap up the latest board gaming news and delve into exciting crowdfunding projects! Joel and Nick are here to keep the gaming banter going strong bringing the latest news, crowdfunders, and what games they have been playing to the show.

First up in our “Quick” News segment, we have some thrilling announcements:

  • Capstone and Spielworxx have joined forces, bringing Spielworxx games to North America.
  • Oink! Games release the reprint of Zuuli with a new name, Moving Wild.
  • Keep an eye out for SETI, the next game from CGE, making its debut at Essen.
  • Prepare to stack and build in Babylon, a 3D game recreating the Hanging Gardens.
  • Exciting news for online gamers with Game-park, a new online board gaming site.

And now, onto our annual April Fools roundup, where we explore the wackiest board game announcements of the season!

In the crowdfunding corner, we highlight:

Now, onto what we’ve been playing:

That’s it for this episode! Thanks for tuning in, and remember to keep rolling those dice and flipping those cards. Until next time, happy gaming!

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