127 UK Games Expo ’24 Preview show Devon Dice Podcast

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
127 UK Games Expo ’24 Preview show Devon Dice Podcast

Joel, Nick and Sam list the Games they are excited to see at the UKGE in the NEC, Birmingham. And Lewis is here too to mock Sam about his windmill games. but first off they take a look at the winners of the BoardGameGeek Awards 2023. Enjoy the show!

Episode 127

2:04 – Super Quick News: BGG Golden Geek Winners announced

14:40 – Top picks for games to check out at UKGE!

15:15 – Sam’s 11 Honourable Mentions:

26:57 – Nick’s Honourable Mentions: Towers of Ra (images) Find Ocean City Games Ltd on stand 2-566.

27:55 – Joel’s Honourable Mentions: Two Thin Coats Paint Range Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy on stand 1-783.

  • 30:09 – #5
  • 35:38 #4
    • 35:40 – Joel, Cities Find Kosmos Games on stand 1-602.
    • 35:45 – Nick, Ada’s Dream Find Alley Cat Games on stand 1-714.
    • 37:12 – Sam, Pampero Find APE Games on stand 2-T90.
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
    • 53:51 – Nick SETI Find Czech Games Edition on stand 2-538.
    • 55:09 – Sam Redwood Find Sit Down! on stand 1-982.
    • 57:40 – Joel Doggerland Find Hachette Boardgames UK on stand 2-614.
  • Other activities at the show, are Bring and Buy, Live Shows, Play Testing Zone, Family Zone and much more.

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