123 Devon Dice Podcast Topic Tapas #2

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123 Devon Dice Podcast Topic Tapas #2


In episode 123 of our podcast, hosts Joel, Nick, and Sam delve into gaming with Topic Tapas #2. They share recent gaming experiences including “The Fox Experiment,” “Dale of Merchants,” and “Let’s Go To Japan.” They discuss potential mashups between gaming publishers, like a fusion of Ticket to Ride and Catan. Beyond gaming, they share interests such as “Damsel,” “Beetlejuice,” “Loki” season 2, “Invincible” season 1, and “Upload.” Joel also explores dropper bottle paint toppers for miniatures, particularly inspired by Stormtrooper figurines. Join them for a lively discussion blending gaming, pop culture, and practical tips in episode 123.

Episode 123

Topic Tapas #2

Played games

The Holt Inquisitor!

  • Q3 If gaming publishers could do a mashup of games, what ideas do you think might work? Eg Ticket to Ride Catan, where you did not get the longest road, but you use the roads to join the settlements together.

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