Devon Dice’s Vlog 2021.2 February, A month in board gaming, plus Joel’s top 10 Worker Placement games.

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This is the vlog for February 21, this is a podcast but you can find this as a video on YouTube with pictures follow the link here:


Joel will tell all about games he has played, 7:39

bought and backed on Kickstarter. 02:19

what games are on the shelf 17:50

along with News from the industry, 31:15

what’s new on Kickstarter. 1:21:40

Plus, find what is in Joel’s top 10 worker placement games: 40:24


Turbo Cars –

Eternal Palace –

Meeples & Monsters –

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We are passionate about Board games and card games and love to play the new and the old (mainly the new) and then talk about them. We have a podcast which you can find on most podcast hosting sites and we support and are supported back by Meeples’ Corner; an online board gaming shop based in Devon. Find more content on the website Theme Music By Dubstep

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