Surprises and late announcements of Gen Con 50 – 2017

So Gen Con 50 is happening as I type. I wrote a Top 12 games post, Games I would pick if I was going. By Wednesday as Gen Con crept closer and started to slowly started to take root, more games started to be rumoured and in some cases the publishers just smacked you in the face with them using social media and lifted the roof with some announcements.

Here are some of my favourites from the weekend.

Clank! In Space from Renegade Games

Joel: This was a big surprise to many because Clank! only hit the stores last year and RG has been hinting some news will come at Gen Con. I couldn’t believe that they went and re-themed their smash hit of last year into a space ship crawl. Now at first I thought this was just a riff on the original, but as I looked into it a bit more there is more than meets the eye. You are still racing each other to complete an objective and get out of dodge, also not to make too much noise as you go. Instead of collecting an artifact you have to drop off two cubes on to two different locations before you can make a run for it. There are many other diferences too, the other one I noticed is the boss track has a couple of cubes on it and they go into the bag and if pulled they damage everyone. I will be purchasing this as soon I can.

Sam: I was surprised the morning this was announced, but excited at the same time. I’m a total convert to Clank and I’ll be picking up a copy of this once I can justify the expense (possibly at the expense of the Expanse in a literary irony). At worst it is new maps and at best a totally different experience using the same mechanics we’ve come to know and love. I’m hopeful that some of the art work isn’t finalised, as the iconography is identical to the existing Clank (not sure how swords and leather boots can apply to the space theme so far!), but that may just be wishful thinking with a publish date not far in the future. Either way, can’t wait!


Civilization: A New Dawn

Never played the original version, but knowing FFG like steaming their big titles and cleaning up the flaws of the predecessor to make a better playing experience for everyone. I think this will spark new interest in this classic,

With its new way of playing of selecting a card from a roll of action cards in front of you and using its abilities and sending it to back of the row. However will this keep its already built up fan base or will they stick to the devil they know. – Joel


 Stuffed Fables – Plaid Hat Games

Mice and Mytics was the first real hit for PHG that put them on the big Publishing map, they struggle to keep up with the demand for the game, in shops and on line. Now the same designer, Jerry Hawthorn, is at it again and taking the meaning of storytelling game and turned it up to 11. Using a book as the board (similar to Near and Far) where you and the family play out an adventure on one side of the book and  the story and rules are on the other page. Oh, did I mention that there are plastic miniature stuffed figures in this? – Joel

Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-kar – Restoration Games

Joel: Never played the original, but I hear all about the Americans telling tales of great gaming moments when they used to play it. So I do really look forward to having a play finally on this when it comes out and I do hope they keep the marble-run- like board where you run a boilder down a track and hope to knock down your opponents along its route.

Sam: I’m looking forward to trying this. The rest of Restoration Games’ current roster looks amazing so far in how they’ve treated these classics and this is a bit of a childhood Grail game. It’s from the same family of titles as Escape from Atlantis and Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs, two of my faves as a kid, and this feels like the completion of a trilogy!


Coaster Park –  Pandasaurus Games

Its a roller coaster theme park game that is 3D and uses marbles, Nuff said! Oh, and it will be out for Essen, it’s now on my list of games to pick up when I’m out there. – Joel

 Star Wars Legion – Fantasy Flight Games

Now the problem with this is, like X-wing, it is a 2 player game and probably needs a lot of plays and it get deep into the strategy and tactics. Also you know this will be an unstoppable snowball of a money sink. There will be multiple expansions released soon after and for the foreseeable future. The reason I put this on the list is because I feel that pull of minis that will need to be painted and the issue I have, I don’t have the capacity to do it. – Joel











Other games announced:

Twilight Imperium 4th Ed – Fanasty Flight Games: I not really bothered but will maybe play it one day

Braking Bad: The Board Game – Edge Entertainment I’m holding my hopes up on this being good

Terminator 2 – see My answer above

Scott Pilgram’s Precious Little Card Game – Renegade Games – I don’t really know anything about this but try it because it’s from the people who make Clank!

Merlin – Queen Games: It will properly be on Kickstarter later on this year.