Devon Dice Vlog #2 February 2020

This is Joel’s monthly vlogging video, looking back on his month on Board gaming in February. See what he has been playing, what games has entered his collection and has left, plus which Kickstarters has backing or received this month. MD rush Igloo Pop, A Fistful of Meeples, Point Salad, It’s a Wonderful World, Star… Read more »

On The Horizon – March 2020

In this On the Horizon article, the guys will looking to the future to see what what new juicy games will be coming their way.

On The Horizon February 2020

The longest month (without being paid!) is almost over, so time to start thinking about the goodies that your paycheck can be used on. What games are coming out in February to tempt you to open your virtual wallets? Let’s take a look at what the team are excited about: February 2020 Sam Game: TsukijiWhy:… Read more »

Ghosts of Christmas Games future

so here is the final post of this tri factor Christmas blog posts. The guys have reflexed on their board gaming ghost that have been haunting them and now is the time to see if they can conquer them by the end of the next year.

But first, let delve into the future and see what their hopes are in the coming new year and decade…

Ghosts of Christmas Games Present

This is a little different to the normal article which replaces the “On The Horizon” monthly post.
The guys have to pick a game they wanted to buy or play. got one on the shelf but never got around to playing. This could be a game in their pile of shame.

Ghosts of Christmas Games Past

In this post the DD guys are being asked to reflect on board games that haunt their past: this could be a game they have never owned, played or experience that changed them and they need to experience it again.

On The Horizon – September 2019

So last month was GenCon and next month is Essen – so September through to Christmas should see a heap of great titles released. What takes the team’s fancy for September: Sam Dune Publisher: Gale Force Nine Designers: Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, Peter Olotka As if there can be any other choice! The return of… Read more »