Thoughts from Nick… the New Wave of Kickstarters PnP

Are PnP-only Kickstarters a new trend on the platform?  Lots have been launched recently it seems, and there are a couple of new publishers doing only PnP games on crowdfunding sites.  It saves shipping costs, gives ear-immediate delivery after the campaign wraps, and allows small add-ons without breaking the bank – seems like a panacea to those who don’t mind putting a little construction effort in. Plus no chasing endless stretch goals for updated components, which I find often put too *much* bling into some games.

There is even a print & Play/ Roll and Write of a game that only came out a month or so ago.








Just some I’ve come across in just the last couple of weeks:

Most of these have finished but you can still late pledge or go to the websites to get yourselves a print file.

Plus the company Postmark Games, which appears to be doing ONLY print & play games:

They all have pretty much just one pledge level, which is usually around £5/$5/€5, so have a low funding goal, which they inevitably reach pretty quickly, and end up doing pretty well, and “delivery” (of the PDFs) is usually very soon after the KS wraps.