Thoughts from Nick… the New Wave of Kickstarters PnP

Are PnP-only Kickstarters a new trend on the platform?  Lots have been launched recently it seems, and there are a couple of new publishers doing only PnP games on crowdfunding sites.  It saves shipping costs, gives ear-immediate delivery after the campaign wraps, and allows small add-ons without breaking the bank – seems like a panacea… Read more »

DDP. 82 part 2 continuing the look at games from Spiel Digital 2020

This is part 2 of episode 82 where Joel is joined by Sam and they discuss more games from Spiel Digital plus more Kickstarter and game they are playing.  Games played   Sam, 5:30 Can’t Stop, 7 Wonders, 7 wonders Duel, Alhambra, Downforce 7:10 Rage 9:00 Altha games,  10:00:  Bonanza, magic maze, Dice Forge… Read more »