102 DDP the OG Host returns, Tom is in the house

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
102 DDP the OG Host returns, Tom is in the house

Welcome to Devon Dice Podcast 102! Join hosts Joel, Lewis, Sam, and Nick as they are reunited by the original podcast host, Tom, who makes a triumphant return after four years away. The question on everyone’s mind: What has Tom been up to, and is he still immersed in the world of board gaming?

In this episode, the team kicks off with a discussion about the intricacies of editing their milestone 100th episode. Then, they dive into the latest news and updates from the gaming world, including insights into the Origins visitor numbers, a breakdown of the Spiel and Kennerspiel des Jahres nominees from Dice Tower, and a glimpse into intriguing crowdfunding campaigns. what they have been playing and to wrap up the episode, the team discusses highly recommended games that have emerged in the last four years. Exciting titles like Dune Imperium, HEAT, MicroMacro, and numerous deluxe reprints of older games are explored.

Tune in to Devon Dice Podcast 102 to catch up with the gang, discover their recent gaming experiences, and witness the long-awaited return of Tom to the podcast!

4:08 – 100-episode editing and discussion News


Played Games

Any other business (if you have anything to share)

  • 01:06:18 – Joel – changing jobs from cleaning to car mechanic, spiderman in the spider-verse
  • Lewis – Slay the Spire
  • 1:14:44 –  Sam – Starfield from Bethesda coming in September. Xbox showcase just showed off a huge amount of content. Cannot wait.
  • 1:21:02 – Nick – ChatGPT running RPGs
  • 53:28 –  Tom – Let’s say someone went into a coma and then woke up. What’s good that’s come out in the last four years? Has cult of the new been proven worthless?

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