111 DDP Joel and Nick at Gridcon 4, A weekend of Board Gaming Fun!

Joel and Nick of the Devon Dice team went to Gridcon 4 Hosted by Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules Media. and had a fab time playing lots of games and meeting friends. find out what they did, here, on the podcast. Enjoy!

110 DDP the Deluxe Edition.

🎲 Devon Dice Podcast Episode 110 – Board Game Weekend Extravaganza! Get ready for a thrilling ride as we share our adventures from a 24 hr board game mini marathon! Only about 20 tickets are available for this exclusive event on 27th January 2024, 11 AM – 11 PM. 🕚🎉 Also, mark your calendars for… Read more »

109 DDP All Things Great and Small, News, Crowdfunding, Boardgames

🎲 Exciting Updates on Devon Dice Podcast! 🎙️ Join Joel, Nick and Sam for the latest episode 109, where they uncover thrilling news, crowdfunding gems, and a glimpse into our gaming adventures. 🌟 Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store: 🔍 News Highlights: Tiny Epic Crimes‘ publisher, Gamelyn Games, solves a real-life mystery! 🕵️‍♂️… Read more »

108 DDP Return From Essen, Passports and All.

We had some technical issues with the first version podcast, after we released it the other day, big thank to the listener who stopped it. I had to take the old one down and redone it again. I hope this one works, now. Welcome to a new episode of the Devon Dice Podcast. Recorded, a… Read more »

DDP special Top 10 Anticipated Game of Essen 2023

Welcome to a special edition of the Devon Dice Podcast! In this episode, Joel, Sam, and Nick share their Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of Essen 2023. While they may not be attending the Essen Spiel trade fair in person, their excitement for these upcoming board games is through the roof! Tune in as they… Read more »

DDP 106 Trees, Bees, Worms, and space in-between

Welcome to Episode 106 of the Devon Dice Podcast! In this exciting installment, the hosts, Joel, Nick, and Sam, have a lot to share with you. First and foremost, they proudly announce the launch of their new website UI at devondice.co.uk, providing an enhanced experience for their listeners. At 05:25 – they dive into the world… Read more »

On The Horizon – September 2023

Wild Tiled West

How quickly a month goes! It’s already time for this month’s preview of new releases for the month, so what are the Devon Dice crew excited for in September: Sam Freelancers: A Crossroads Game   Publisher: Plaid Hat GamesDesigner: Donald Shults There’s a couple of factors at play with Freelancers that makes me interested. Firstly,… Read more »

DDP 105 A Question of Cardboard, Castles of Burgundy (2019) vs Castles of Burgundy Special Ed

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Devon Dice Podcast 105, where hosts Joel, Sam, and Nick dive into a plethora of intriguing questions. #DevonDicePodcast #BoardGames #GamingCommunity #PodcastEpisode #Crowdfunding #TabletopGaming #questionoftheweek 1:40 – Question from the discord channel: Join it here https://discord.gg/ma7Z4Jvv2z “What games would you like to see on BGA?” Clank, obviously, Orléans, Brass: Birmingham,… Read more »