107 DDP it’s Crowded Crowdfunding silly season. Kavango, Creature Caravan

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
107 DDP it's Crowded Crowdfunding silly season. Kavango, Creature Caravan

Welcome to Episode 107 of the Devon Dice Podcast, where things are heating up in the world of board games!

First up in the news section, the hosts delve into the latest hot topic of debate – the use of [Generative] AI art in board games. This thought-provoking discussion raises questions about the quality and soul of AI-generated art, the legality of training sets, and the impact on traditional artists and illustrators.

Lucky Duck Games adds excitement to the mix with the announcement of a one-off reprint of Food Chain Magnate, complete with a visual upgrade.

Crowdfunding takes center stage with an array of projects:

Live Now:

Coming Soon:

In the Played Games segment:

And, in the “Non-Gaming Things We’re Currently Into” section:

  • Joel and Sam are captivated by “Starfield.
  • Nick is enthralled by “Star Trek: Discovery” (mycelial networks again, yay!)

Get ready for the next episode, where the hosts will provide an Essen Spiel Preview, giving you a sneak peek into the exciting world of board games coming your way!

Tune in to Devon Dice Podcast Episode 107 for a lively discussion on AI art, crowdfunding gems, and gaming adventures that will leave you eagerly awaiting your next tabletop experience!