110 DDP the Deluxe Edition.

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
110 DDP the Deluxe Edition.

Devon Dice Podcast Episode 110 – Board Game Weekend Extravaganza!

Get ready for a thrilling ride as we share our adventures from a 24 hr board game mini marathon! Only about 20 tickets are available for this exclusive event on 27th January 2024, 11 AM – 11 PM.

Also, mark your calendars for the North Devon Board game weekend, happening from Friday, 23rd to 25th Feb! There are limited rooms available, including the fabulous “treehouse.” Secure your tickets through Meeples Corner for a weekend of gaming fun! Day tickets

In the News:

Live Crowdfunding Projects:

Discover  Undergrove, Elizabeth Hargrave’s mushroom-themed game,

Perseverance Ep 3 & 4

Cargo Empire


MagGo 3.0 – The Super-Fast Access Sling Bag with NO Zipper

Upcoming Projects:

TOKYO HIGHWAY Rainbow City and Tiny Epic Cthulhu  are on the horizon! Can you save the world from tiny Cthulhus?

Played Games:


EOS: Islands of Angels 

Shipyard 2nd Edition

Ark Nova: Marine Worlds


Perseverance Ep 1

Poundland Monopoly (yes, Poundland. Yes, really. Yes we actually finished a game)


Ark Nova

Star Wars: Outer Rim (complaint time)


Expanding my horizons… Miniatures Gaming!… and 3D Printing

Q7: Have deluxe editions of games ever led to regrettable purchases?

Joel has no regrets.

Nick reflects on Snowdonia Deluxe due to misprints and the challenge of utilizing expansions.

Sam mentions Ticket To Ride: 10th Anniversary Edition and the Fox Experiment deluxe.

Lewis expresses slight regret with Return to Dark Tower and 878 Vikings expansions.

Non-Gaming Interests:

Sam delves into the book series ‘Wool’ and ‘Children of Memory

Don’t miss us at Gridcon soon!

Tune in for this fantastic episode packed with gaming escapades, crowdfunding gems, and our diverse interests beyond the gaming table. ️ #DevonDicePodcast #BoardGames #GamingWeekend #Crowdfunding #GamingCommunity