112 DDP, How could CLANK! be better!?!

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
112 DDP, How could CLANK! be better!?!

Welcome to Episode 112 of the podcast, where Joel and Nick dive into a whirlwind of board gaming news, marathons, and upcoming events! From The Witcher of the Old World to crowdfunding and reimagining games, stay tuned for an action-packed session. Let’s roll the dice and explore the gaming world together!

Joel Rants

The Witcher: Old World

(Nucleum moved on too)

Quick News

Crowdfunding Live Now

Coming Soon

Played Games

The Holt inquisitor

  • Q2 One host names a game, and the other has to re-skin the theme of the game, detailing how the new theme would work. (Best to edit out the thinking process) 

Sam suggests: retheme CLANK

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