17. Devon Dice podcast Room Escaping, Surfing, Murder, space surviving and Klask…

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
17. Devon Dice podcast Room Escaping, Surfing, Murder, space surviving and Klask...

Hey, the summer Holidays are now over, hope you are enjoying being back at work and the kids being back at school. Joel has replaced Tom for Sam for this podcast as they bring you episode 17 of the Devon Dice Podcast and they talk about games they have played, News, Kickstarters, a Review and extra stuff:

6:46    Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor SHOP

12:43 Tavarua

18:20 Deception: Murder in Hong Kong    SHOP

29:20 Klask 


  1. Target jumping on the hobby gaming bandwagon with 50 exclusives 34:06
  2. Expansion for Smallworld River world                     36:24
  3. Cry havoc is not out in Europe until after Essen 🙁   39:12  
  4. Finalists for the 2016 International Gamers Awards Announced  42:50
  5. Marvel legendary coming to iOS                            47:40


  1. One Night Ultimate Alien                      49:48
  2. Iliad – Heroes of Troy                           52:45
  3. Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove   54:48


  1. MAD MANSION        1:02:17
  2. Tiki Island               1:05:10
  3. Moksha Patam         1:10:40


Lost Cities The Board Game  By Tom   1:15:10

Bonus Content: 

Question from a Listener     1:32:57

Stranger Things – Netflix SPOILER FREE 1:34:13


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