23. Devon Dice, The Great Fable Fools Podcast

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
23. Devon Dice, The Great Fable Fools Podcast

Joel, Tom and Sam jump on the mics to record the 23rd episode of the devon Dice podcast and talk about their Black Friday buys, playing games on apps, what to buy the family for christmas and tell all about the competition, tune to here. 

What we have been playing:

Joel and Tom:  Great Western Trail 9:40

Sam: Conan 16:10, Mechs vs Minions. 22:10

Tom: Time Stories, Under the Mask, 22:50, jorvik 27:30, Fable Fruit 30:20

Sam: Fool’s Gold, 32:50

Joel: Junk Art with the family, Mi Tierra 38:10, Manhattan Project 41:40


  • AEG announce an expansion for trains planes and automobiles, 45:50
  • Also AEG black box for this year is one game, Phase. 48:50
  • HABA releases its 4th game in its family range Meduris 50:38
  • Colt Express app now out, With playing app games chat 52:10


  1. Vast 2nd reprint, 1:02:30
  2. Kingdom death; monster 1.5 1:06:20
  3. Ether Wars 1:15:20
  4. Quodd Heroes 1:18:05
  5. Hangry Hippos 1:21:50


Games to buy family members that are not gamers… yet. 1:24:10

Bonus content

Next 2 shows

The Christmas show out on Christmas day 

The top5 games we play this year out on New Years Eve

The competition closing data is 23rd Decemder 2016 listen to the show to find out more. 

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