29 Devon Dice podcast The Rising Xan,

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
29 Devon Dice podcast The Rising Xan,

Episode 29 of the Devon Dice podcast has landed. 

Joel and Sam are joined by Gary (Xantirad) Blower from The Gameburst Podcast to talk about their gaming exploits, News, Kickstarter (One in particular thats just landed), plus we announce the winner of the A tenner for a title compo. 

Meeple corner top 5 sells and preorders

What we have been playing:

Joel: Coloretto, The Pursuit of Happiness

Gary: Twilight Imperium 3ed

Sam: Xia: Legends of a Drift System, Black Fleet


  1. Golden Geek Winners announcedBoard Game of the Year: Scythe2 Player Game: SW: RebellionArtwork & Presentation: ScytheCard Game: Arkham Horror: The Card Game (Clank came in third)Expansion: 7 Wonders Duel: PantheonFamily Game: Codenames: PicturesInnovative: Captain SonarParty Game: Codenames: PicturesSolo Game: ScytheStrategy Game: ScytheThematic Game: ScythePodcast: Shut Up & Sit DownApp: Twilight Struggle
  2. International Table top 29th april


  1. Empires of the Void II 
  2. Get Off My Land!
  3. Farlight
  4. Rising Sun 

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