39. Devon Dice Podcast, Flipping ships, wagons and Regrets

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
39. Devon Dice Podcast, Flipping ships, wagons and Regrets

Joel and Sam get together to bring you episode 39 of the Devon Dice Podcast and talk shop, more Meeples’ Corner shop and gaming days, News, Kickstarters and what Joel has been playing lately.

Meeples’ Corner gaming day at Crediton town hall on 28th oct

The Pegasus Spiele Day nov 25th 12-5 at the shop.  



Plaid Hat’s Stand Alone Expansion To Specter Ops Small World: Sky Islands Expansion Uwe Rosenberg’s Indian Summer

You can now preorder Charterstone for essen pick up

What we have been playing:

Joel: DownforceRestoration Games

Whistle StopBézier Games, Inc.

FlipshipsRenegade Game Studios

Rhino Heroes: Super Battles, HABA

Sam: lots of Clank!  Renegade Game Studios


2nd printing of 7th Continent

Dice Hospital

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