6. Devon Dice podcast, The Castles of Burgundy review

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
6. Devon Dice podcast, The Castles of Burgundy review

In the 6th Devon Dice Podcast Joel, Tom and Lewis talk about their gaming goodness over the last couple of weeks

Joel; Adventureland, Sons of Anarchy

Tom; Orleans, Elysium

Lewis: Ninja Camp & Fortune and Glory.


  1. Terraforming Mars and Martians: A Story of Civilization
  2. the 4th game in the Dice Tower Essentials line, Speechless
  3. Deadpool is getting a Legendary expansion
  4. Ice Cool is a new flicking game from Brain Games
  5. TMNT Dice Masters
  6. escape the room in a box
  7. moor visitors for viticulture expansion
  8. Strategy, table top event, it’s a new board gaming event  between 25- 28 august, http://www.strategygamecon.com
  9. New board gaming coffee shop opens in Nottingham called LUDORATI CAFÉ,
  10. Seafall preorder are up on Meeples Corner 🙂


  1. zombie 3D tower 
  2. Fog of Love 
  3. mi Terria 

Our board review of the top 10 number 9 The Castles of Burgundy

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