66. DDP The UKGE Preview show 2019

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
66. DDP The UKGE Preview show 2019

Joel and Sam pick their mics to bring you their hopes and thoughts on the upcoming UKGE 2019 show, held at the NEC Birmingham.

First off they talk about the Spiel Des Jahres and the Kenner spiel games nominees for this year.

Joel tries to sell you It’s a Wonderful World on Kickstarter Now.

Then the Main Topic:

They are Joined By Caezar Al-Jassar From Alley Cat Games as an impromptu Guest to talk about the games he has at the show and the show itself. 

UKGE web site

UKGE Guide

Joel’s Tabletop Together List

Trudvang Legends 

Dice Hospital Expansion 44:18

Marquesas  39:32

Cat Café 1:02:02

Welcome to Dino World 1:03:42

Caezar Thoughts on the UKGE 1:09:58

More games The Guys are looking forward to:

Serra West 1:21:34 

Fired Up 1:22:42

The Artemis Project 1:24:20

Star Wars: Outer Rim 1:25:42

Lanterns Dice 1:27:12

Other Games they will look out for:

Terror Below

Seize the Bean

Disney Villainous



MegaCity: Oceania

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