DDP 104 Guest Dan Apsey from the 24hr Board Game Marathon Event

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
DDP 104 Guest Dan Apsey from the 24hr Board Game Marathon Event

Welcome to Devon Dice Podcast Episode 103! Join hosts Joel, Sam, and Nick as they welcome a special guest, Dan Apsey from the 24-hour board gaming marathon in Illminster. This episode is packed with engaging discussions and exciting updates.

24-hour Board Gaming Marathon

Their conversation takes a heartwarming turn as they delve into the incredible charity event supporting “Cots for Tots” at St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol. Learn about the meaningful impact of the marathon and how it raises funds for a noble cause.

Mini Marathon Ticket 

Exploring the gaming world, the team shares their thoughts on Waterfall Park, a new re-themed version of Chinatown. They also dive into the intriguing General Orders: WWII and discuss the mind-boggling sale of The One Ring MtG card for a staggering $2 million!

In the realm of upcoming games, excitement fills the air with news of Foundations of Metropolis, a non-blinged version of Foundations of Rome. Elizabeth Hargrave and Mark Wootton make an appearance with the announcement of their new game, Undergrove.



The episode wouldn’t be complete without a crowdfunding roundup featuring Call of Duty: The Board Game and Perseverance Castaway Chronicles: Episodes 3-4.

Played Games

Special guest Dan shares his experiences with Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles: Episode 1 and Rustling Leaves, while the hosts reveal their recent gameplay: Joel with Hegemony and Thunder Road Vendetta, Nick exploring Planet Unknown and After Us, and Sam delving into The Artemis Project.

Tune in to this dynamic and heartwarming episode of Devon Dice Podcast, where gaming meets charity and camaraderie!

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