DDP 106 Trees, Bees, Worms, and space in-between

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
DDP 106 Trees, Bees, Worms, and space in-between

Welcome to Episode 106 of the Devon Dice Podcast! In this exciting installment, the hosts, Joel, Nick, and Sam, have a lot to share with you.

First and foremost, they proudly announce the launch of their new website UI at devondice.co.uk, providing an enhanced experience for their listeners.

At 05:25 – they dive into the world of board gaming news. Stonemaier Games creates a buzz by revealing their upcoming game, “Apiary,” which takes players on a space adventure with bees. The anticipation continues with the announcement of a new Stefan Feld game titled “Civolution.” Intriguingly, they also explore an actual strategic version of Clue, aptly named “Deduckto.”

14:35 – Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding segment, beginning at 14:35, showcases some exciting projects.

Railways of the Lost Atlas” promises an approachable 18XX game that can be played in as little as an hour or up to five, depending on the scenario. “Mycelia” combines tile laying with mushroom growing, offering a unique gameplay experience. “Grim Reaper Preschool” takes a humorous approach, offering a trick-taking game where Grim Reapers learn their trade at preschool. “Cretaceous Rails” invites players to engage in network and amusement park building during the Cretaceous period.

Lastly 32:34, the hosts discuss “Worms: The Board Game,” a tactical skirmish game featuring the beloved wiggly idiots from the video game series.

39:10 – Played

The Played Games segment, starting at 39:10, provides insights into the hosts’ recent gaming experiences:

58:43 – “The Holt Question”

At 58:43, they engage in “The Holt Question” segment, discussing which three games they would change a specific rule for and why.

1:18:12 – Any Other content

In the “Any Other Content” section, the hosts share their interests beyond board gaming:

Tune in to Devon Dice Podcast Episode 106 for a lively discussion on board games, crowdfunding projects, and more!

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