DDP 84 The Return Of the Kallax, Descent Legends of the Dark, Distilled

Devon Dice Presents
DDP 84 The Return Of the Kallax, Descent Legends of the Dark, Distilled

sorry, this podcast was meant to be posted at the end of August but I forgot to add the audio file. Sorry again. Enjoy

It has been a long few months since the last podcast, 8 in fact, but Joel, Dr. Lewis, Sam, and Nick have all found a gap in their busy schedules and recorded a podcast for you all to enjoy. 

Game played:

Joel Played: Descent Legends of the Dark (Zombie Teenz evolution and Dune Imperium) 

Unboxing Video of Descent – https://youtu.be/WxGIqM-nNFM

Nick Played: Distilled, (and Red Cathedral / SuperSkill Pinball 4-Cade / Castles of Tuscany)

Lewis Played: Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time and or Catapult Kingdoms

Sam Played: The One Hundred Torii,


Asmodee to buy BGA, 00:56:06

Spiel des Jahres, – 00:59:00

MicroMacro (SdJ), Dragomino, (KinderSdJ), Paleo, (KennerSdJ)

(Runners up: SdJ: Adventures of Robin Hood; Zombie Teenz Evolution. Kenner Sdj: Lost Ruins of Arnak; Fantasy Realms)

UKGE – 1:03:09

TMG declares virtual bankruptcy – 01:18:33

Cost of shipping and lack of resources 

Broken Token company is broken – 01:29:14 https://medium.com/@ashrtaylor13/speaking-up-to-protect-others-73f152bcb772

Things that really grind my gears 1:34:30

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition: The price (and unknown components) of the international release – Nick(see Shelf Stories (Jason Perez): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDVR4N0zaII)


Excavation Earth: It Belongs In A Museum, 1:52:20

One More Quest, 1:54:14

Eleven: Football Manager Board Game,  Gamefound  1:57:00

Flame Craft, 1:59:47

LAX RAX | The board game shelf insert for IKEA Kallax, 2:04:24


What we have backed lately on Kickstarter or Gamefound: 2:12:16


Soul Raiders ⚔️,     Read Joel preview here 1st Impressions of Soul Raiders from One For All by Joel wright,

Spintronics: Build mechanical circuits,

The Witcher: Old World,

Escape Advent Calendar,

Eternal Palace – a dice placement and painting euro game,

Mythic Mischief – new game by Nick (solo mode)


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