DDP 92. Top 5 list of the Best Board Games played in 2022

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
DDP 92. Top 5 list of the Best Board Games played in 2022

It’s a new year and a slightly new show with a new focal point in each show. Joel, Nick, Lewis, and Sam are back after the Christmas break to bring you all the standard items in the podcast of the past, News, Kickstarters, and the games they have played, on top of all that, there is also a Top 3, top 4, TOP 5 games “new to them” `that they played in 2022. 

#2022 #top5 #boardgames. Who had #ArkNova on their lists, what number was any #CLANK! game on sam’s, how many #Marvel games did Joel have, and what Euro games did Nick rate highly, did Lewis even play a game from 2022?

Listen to find out, Enjoy the podcast

1:17 – Intro

5:06 – MicroMacro: Crime City (2-4p) 


7:24 – Temple Raider 

9:55 – Doubt is Our Product 

11:48 – Tric Trac 

14:00 – Woodcraft Roll & Write

16:30 – 18 card legacy card game

19:27 – No new Heroscape


24:04 – Spirit of Christmas – On KS in Feb



23:03 – Ultracryl – premium acrylic paint with maximum pigmentation

30:37 – Arabella

32:56 – Andromeda’s Edge

33:43 – Batman: Escape from Arkham Asylum

1:02:00 – Marvel United Multiverse season 3 announced

36:00 – Top 5 Board games played in 2022 (The games don’t need to have been released in 2002, but it was the first time playing them) 

1:47:50 – Any other business (any other interesting things you want to bring to the table)

Nick: Got me some double-d6 dice (from last year’s Dice Tower Kickstarter). They’re cool.  That’s all.

Sam: I’m off to Airecon for the first time this year!

Joel: on the radio https://www.omniumradio.online/home  And Wednesday (Netflix)

Next episode  Review show: Clank! Catacombs

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