DDP 96. It’s a CON…vention, North Devon weekend and AireCon

Devon Dice Presents
Devon Dice Presents
DDP 96. It’s a CON...vention, North Devon weekend and AireCon

Joel, Nick, and Lewis are back with another podcast, along with the normal show content: News, Kickstarters, and our reflection recount of the North Devon Gaming weekend along with playing games they played. Plus a special appearance from Sam with his round-up of Airecon. 

Episode 100 is coming up and we would like your questions to the team. #100 and ask away. 



Paul Grogan sold Joel on another game Marvel: Age of Heroes

Joel gets the pledge manager for Marvel United Multiverse


Reflections on AireCon – From our reporter in the field, Sam

Top games played, and reflections on, the North Devon gaming weekend:

Any other business: Events the Devon Dice crew are attending 

  • Bay Con 12-16 April 2023
  • UKGE
  • 24-Hour Board Game Marathon 2023 22- 23 July 09:00 Ilminster 
  • Essen Spiel
  • GridCon 4 (17th – 19th Nov) – public tickets go on sale 26th Mar
  • Full board gaming weekend Torquay 2nd Feb 2024

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