DDP special Top 10 Anticipated Game of Essen 2023

Devon Dice Presents
DDP special Top 10 Anticipated Game of Essen 2023

Welcome to a special edition of the Devon Dice Podcast! In this episode, Joel, Sam, and Nick share their Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of Essen 2023. While they may not be attending the Essen Spiel trade fair in person, their excitement for these upcoming board games is through the roof!

Tune in as they discuss the games that have captured their attention, from innovative mechanics to captivating themes. Whether you’re planning to attend Essen Spiel or not, this episode is your guide to the hottest games coming to the tabletop scene.

Get ready to update your board game wish list as the hosts share their insights and enthusiasm for these upcoming Essen releases. It’s a virtual tour of the most exciting titles in the board gaming world, and you won’t want to miss it! #DevonDicePodcast #BoardGames #EssenSpiel2023 #AnticipatedGames

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