The big 100 Episode

Devon Dice Presents
The big 100 Episode

Join Joel, Sam, Lewis, and Nick in a special milestone event as they gather in a semi-empty Games room at the UK Games Expo (UKGE) to record the highly anticipated 100th episode of the Devon Dice Podcast.

In this commemorative episode, the team takes a nostalgic journey through the incredible moments they’ve shared on the podcast. They delve into captivating discussions about their favorite board games, captivating interviews with special guests, and even share their laments over regrettable experiences with Kickstarter campaigns.

Amidst the lively conversations, they also take a moment to reflect on their experiences at the UKGE, discussing the highlights and exciting discoveries they encountered during the event. Additionally, they dedicate a portion of the episode to answering thought-provoking questions submitted by their dedicated listeners.

To conclude this celebratory episode, prepare to indulge in a delightful compilation of the best moments from past shows. It’s a perfect opportunity to relive the laughter, insights, and memorable interactions that have made the Devon Dice Podcast a cherished listening experience.

While you can find links to a selection of featured podcasts below, be sure to visit Devon Dice‘s official website for access to their complete archive of past shows and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of board gaming.

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